Why does my midi channel change after I record a note in my key editor?

I am recording some midi in Cubase 12 and when I set the channel on my midi keyboard as channel 2 the recorded midi changes to channel 1 after is recorded. I can see as I record the note that the channel is channel 2 but it immediately reverts to channel 1. Is this some setting in Cuabse that I have which forces the channel to be recorded as channel 1 even though I am sending midi via channel 2 from my midi controller?

It works as expected, here. No channel changes after a recorded MIDI part on an instrument track, the channel having previously been set at 3 on my MIDI keyboard : I get all the notes with channel 3.

How are you checking the channel of a given note ? Here, I use the Key Editor infoline after selecting one or the List Editor.

Be sure also that there isn’t something that could change the channel of incoming MIDI notes. I think of the Input Transformer, but there could be others…

How are you determining this? What does “reverts to channel 1” mean? Do you mean when you you play it back that a VSTi on Channel 1 plays? Or do you mean if you open the Part in the Key Editor and select a Note that on the Info Line it is using Channel 1? Or…?

There are several different ways a Channel could be changed. Without more details about the specifics of your situation it’s hard to speculate on what might be happening.

When I record in Cubase I can see in the key editor the notes are recording on the correct channel because I have my midi colors set to show me channels. But as soon as they are recorded they change to channel 1. This happens while I am still recording. The midi notes show orange which is what I have set to channel 2 and then change to yellow which is what I have set to channel 1. It happens very quickly like a second or even less… something is changing the channel inside cubase.

I can only reproduce the ‘issue’ if I have the Input Transformer active for the track involved, with a setting such as this one :

So, again, the ‘something’ is a module, application, whatever, that is transforming the received MIDI notes channel on the fly to something else. Otherwise, I can’t reproduce it, even if I wanted…

At this point, a little .gif screenshot would help, I think…