Why does N7 spend 45 seconds initializing MIDI every time?

Why does N7 spend 45 seconds initializing MIDI every time I launch it? With no changes to any of the MIDI devices. Even if I close and relaunch just Nuendo without doing anything else to the computer, it still spends 45 seconds every time.

Obviously, Nuendo goes through a query/parsing of MIDI devices when it launches. It does the same for plugins. However, in the case of plugins, it doesn’t start from scratch every time and is aware to rescan only new or changed plugins. Is this not possible with MIDI as well? Or even a toggle to “Scan MIDI at startup” On/Off for those of us (which means almost all of us) who don’t change MIDI devices between every single Nuendo session. Or ever. How happy would we be to rescan all plugins on every launch? Not very. Same for MIDI, yes?

Just thought I would check on any options. Maybe even an appended command option to not rescan MIDI when launching but use previous settings. Could be entered in the Shortcut Properties, at least in Windows. But surely, scanning MIDI is not required every time any MIDI enabled application launches. Ableton Live, on the same computer, does no such thing and yet all the same MIDI devices are available in Prefs there. I could launch and close Ableton 4 or 5 times just while N7 scans MIDI.

Does this bother anyone besides me? And is the same true on a Mac?

A Mac perspective: what you’re describing doesn’t happen on my setup.

Good luck!


Not on my Windows 7 64 bit RME ADAT. Perhaps there is something more at work here.

It’s due to a long list of midi devices in the Windows Registry, if I remember correctly. There are a couple threads here about it, you might have to use Google to search ( site:steinberg.net )

Thanks all. I’ll investigate. Very helpful to know it’s not universal.

Ahhhhhh… that would explain why my system is so slow to start. I have a lot of midi controllers.

There is a great post on this:


For years, Nuendo took about 3 minutes to load for me. Yes, years. YES, THREE MINUTES. I searched and searched, and nobody seemed to have a solution, so I basically just said I’d live with it. For a long time I thought it was my interface, because when I used my mobile rig with my laptop, Nuendo loaded very quickly. So I just dealt with the annoyance.

Until finally, just this year, I found this post, which was actually made in 2013. I guess I never saw this post due to my searching for “Nuendo” in the title, because I’ve only used Nuendo and PT, never Cubase. Scroll down to the post by “Irregular” on how to edit the Windows Registry. This is on the Cubase forum but it works the same for Nuendo.

Nuendo used to take 3 minutes to start up, literally I timed it.
My Nuendo 7 startup time: 11 seconds.

That thread is what helped me solve this problem in Cubase too, but the exact solution described there is a little incomplete and a little dangerous. There’s a safer, tidier way to speed things up.

I used the info in UltimateOutsider’s link. Took about 30 seconds (less time than scanning MIDI did).

Success! Thanks! Excellence! MIDI scan went from 45 sec to 2 sec.

This is what forums are supposed to be about. Thanks to all for your help, especially UltimateOutsider.

And now, every time I launch N7, I will think fondly of you Mr UltimateOutsider. You have become immortal! :smiley:

Following your (detailed) instructions cut my MIDI scan time in half (from 20 to 10 seconds). Thanks for taking the time to write all this up! Cheers…

That’s a great article indeed. Thank you!

Hi Fabio,

I wonder if SB could have a look at this. Maybe it’s just a slight tweak in the MIDI initialization routine. Other MIDI apps on the same machine must handle this differently since they do not impose the delay.


I’ve just followed this procedure and it truly works. It found and removed several entries for things I no long own and multiple entries for things I do have.

Good stuff.