Why does Nuendo exist? Why not just use C Pro 8?

I’m just wondering why it is that Nuendo exists? I mean, Hans Zimmer has said he uses Cubase for composing to Film so I’m wondering why he doesn’t use Nuendo.

Is there anyone that reads this Cubase Pro 8 forum, that also uses Nuendo, to compose Music for film with that could explain why they don’t use Cubase instead? What makes Nuendo so expensive and worth the Money?

Obviously if Nuendo is a greater DAW for Film Composing I would jump all over it as I love working in Cubase and they look like very similar.

I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering what the big deal is with Nuendo and thanks for shedding any light!


Nuendo + NEK = Cubase + some extra features:

  • Advanced crossfade editor - really useful for film work
  • Edit Mode - where position (and video) follows objects being moved - a typical film spotting feature
  • Batch Export of cycle marker regions - very useful when you assemble and export a CD sequence
  • ADR Taker
  • more automation features
  • loudness track
  • some extra plugins
  • slower update cycle
  • different name

Nuendo is aimed at post-production, where you need different features. The ADR taker, just by itself, would be worth the price of Nuendo.

Steinberg like to think of Cubase as the flagship music DAW and Nuendo as the flagship post DAW, and both have exclusive features; but you can add Cubase tools to Nuendo using the NEK.

There are features in Nuendo that are as useful to music production as they are to post, such as AAF import/export, the advanced crossfade editor, and (arguably) multiple marker tracks. This makes the notion that Cubase is the flagship music DAW questionable.

Cubase is the test cycle before nuendo steps up feature wise.


Most of the higher end film composer don’t use Cubase. They use Cubase and Pro Tools. For people who don’t want a dual program system, Nuendo can offer a better feature set than Cubase.


Here’s a list of Nuendo exclusive features :

  • ADR-Taker Tool
  • 64Bit support for Blackmagic and Decklink video cards
  • new codecs
  • AAF-exchange
  • nice Pro Tools compatibility
  • bounce-to-markerpoints
  • clip-packages/groups
  • enhanced automation system
  • automation flexible passes technology
  • direct stem routing/mixer
  • Monitor Matrix
  • additional post-production plugins, e.g. Nuendo post filter
  • PitchDriver, realtime pitch plugin
  • MXF audio support
  • enhanced EuCon support
  • EDL List im/export
  • enhanced scrubbing engine
  • complete network integration via LAN, WAN
  • export Note pad data
  • enhanced surround panner V5
  • surround matrix decoder/encoder
  • additional postpro IRs for REVerence
  • enhanced crossfade editor…
  • Multiple marker-tracks
  • Two video tracks
  • Batch Export/Multiple stems export by cycle markers with advanced naming
  • Proper Edit mode
  • Anymix Pro Surround Panner with upmix/downmix
  • Video pull up/down
  • Video overlay for text
  • Auro 3D format support / up to 13.2 surround support
  • Support for IOSONO SAW / Wavefield synthesis products
  • ProSoundEffects 1.5 GB FX post-production library included
  • extended synchronization/machine control options / Syncstation connection
  • EBU-compliant measurement with Loudness Track
  • BASS management
  • AAF 2.0

Other features exclusive to Nuendo are:

  • Track Sheet
  • Cut Head / Cut Tail
  • Rename Object
  • Custom menu and command configuration
  • Acoustic Stamp audio processing
  • AES31 and Open TL import/export
  • Dual range selection for Range tool

thanks stingray, that’s very helpful.

Yes, thank you! Great help!


Well - I do prefer the audioevents GUI of Nuendo WAY over Cubase…

I am an music-dude and currently I am using C8 for mixing - but I am missing the cycle marker batch export as well as the option to have multiple marker tracks a lot for example… So currently I am using Nuendo for Mastering and sample editing stuff (Cycle Marker export!) and Cubase 8 for Mixing…