Why does Nuendo take so much longer to open a similar project than Protools?

I work with PT and Nuendo and it appears like PT wins the race in opening a session with say 40-50 tracks (with no plugins inserted ) by a long shot. ( exact tine is system dependent of course) Whats your thoughts on this?

LOL. I ran from PT because on my system it was the opposite issue… I stopped at version 2019.

I remember the daze of when you’f press “record” on Pt, and wait up to ten seconds for it to GO. Then a further 6-8 seconds for it to stop. The older systems of course, with no RAM audio management.

Without knowing what your system(s) is / are, no way to have any clue why you are having issues.

PT user since 1997, and Nuendo user since 2002, Nuendo always won the race in opening sessions on my systems.
Pro Tools Expert tested that a few weeks ago and Nuendo was the winner, easily.


No doubt, same in my experience as well, Nuendo clearly faster. I guess depends on your system setup.