Why does one of my SD rolls play back as separate notes?

All the three-beam SD rolls in my current projects play back perfectly - except one. It’s the one in bar 179 of the attached file, and whatever I do it plays back as separate notes, even if I cut and paste it into, say, the military drum staff played by another player, and/or reinput it from scratch. I’m using NotePerformer, by the way. Where am I going wrong?
Symffoni - 3rd movement.dorico (1.7 MB)

The Tempo I mark is causing it. Not sure why without more investigation. If you select Tempo I and turn on Suppress Playback in the Properties Panel, the roll will playback.

Edit: It seems a Tempo marking with using something less than a quarter note as a reference causes this. I don’t know much about percussion maps but I will try to figure it out. Hopefully someone with more knowledge here can help now that I have narrowed down the cause.

Wow - that is so unexpected, and many thanks for discovering the cause!

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I think I solved it. Go to Playback Options > Timing > Tremolos and set the minimum number of strokes for unmeasured tremolo to 4.


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Hi Craig - I’m afraid that setting made all my SD rolls measured. I experimentally changed it to 2, but the b.179 roll was still being played as demisemiquavers. But, thanks to your detective work in finding the ‘Tempo I’ as culprit, I just changed that to a tempo marking with the equivalent crotchet beat (108), added ‘Tempo I’ as text, showed the text and hid the metronome marking. The roll now plays back perfectly. Yay!

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I was afraid that might have unwanted effects elsewhere. But, I’m glad you got it sorted.