Why does playhead stop and clips scroll?

This has just started happening to me. Everything is working as expected and then the playhead stops and the clips scroll. What is causing this? as soon as I click on the arrange page it stops,



Could you try to double-check the Studio > Studio Setup > Remote Devices, please? Is there any Remote Device?

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Thank you Martin. I will look into this later today when I get time in the studio. I do have a Nektar Panorama P1 so I’ll check that.

Not sure that I get the issue, but it makes me think about the Autoscroll function : the description looks as if it was set as Stationary cursor.

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I see, this is a good point. You can read more about the Auto-Scroll and Stationary Cursor here.

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Hmmmm interesting. That certainly looks like the issue. Thank you for that. You really are an invaluable resource on this forum. You have helped me out a number of times.

Thank you for that, I am guessing that you are right. I will look into it later today.

I think it is sorted. Thanks for that. I will say that with the static cursor the bar division lines on the arrange page vibrate in a slightly disturbing way. For some reason the movement of the page is less than smooth, which I guess is down to the refresh rate on my monitors. So I won’t be using that.