Why does "Quantize Ends" not work on all midi notes?

I have quantized the midi lengths in this midi part to 1/16th notes. All midi note lengths have been quantized to 16th notes except for the Bb and F note as seen in the screen shot. Can someone please clarify for me why those two notes have not been quantized as well?


Could you select any of the not quantised note and attach a screenshot, to see the length in the Info Line?

My expectation is, that they are quantisef by the Length, not by the End (what you would probably expect).

Quantize Ends means that the end of each selected note will be put to the nearest grid value. Your grid value is 1/16th, so to me it looks all ok.

If you want to have all notes having the same length, please look in the tab “Length” in the left zone for Fix Length.