Why does Scale Legato only work on some notes and not on others?

Here I have a few chords and I want to use the scale legato function in Cubase to shorten the notes slightly so that there is a small gap between one chord and the next but as you can see, some notes have remained unaltered. Is there a reason for this? For some reason, the scale legato only works on some of the notes even though all are selected.


The Legato is not set to 100%.

I don’t think we understand each other. I changed that slider to shorten the note length but some selected notes remained unaltered. I was asking why this is the case?


I see. Because if the notes are legato originally, they don’t change to non-legato. If you want to shorten the notes, use the right corner of the note or the Length parameter in the Info Line.

It is a bit complicated to explain in written form how the legato slider works for all circumstances but one thing is clear: it does not work the way you think it does.

Basically - when you would draw or record the notes legato then you would set the sclae legato to a negative value in order to shorten notes.
I assume you used scale legato to actually get your notes to touch each other (I am sorry, my English is poor) and now you haven’t reduced the value enough to have all notes not touch each other anymore.
Try to experiment a bit with the functionality on a part that you can scrap afterwards.

Hi Johnny. I used the Apply Legato to get the notes to touch each other not the slider. I also sometimes use quantize ends but that doesn’t work all the time

Well, if you had legato on all notes by using Apply Legato then you can use negative values on Scale Legato to create some pauses in between.