Why does SL 9 Elements tell me it is SL 9 One?

I’m confused. Why does the Spectra Layers 9 Elements version I just upgraded to from version 8 Elements continue to say it is SL 9 One? I had this SL 9 One version free with C12 Pro, what is going on please? As I read the description on the 3 options, there is a diff between One and Elements… so, shouldn’t my Elements version say that it is Elements? Did I just spend money I didn’t need to? Thanks for an answer and maybe a refund?

Please run the Steinberg Activation Manager and activate your SL 9 license manually. Other Steinberg products automatically activate their licenses (if you have the appropriate option enabled in SAM’s settings), but SL 9 currently doesn’t.

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Thanks. This was interesting to say the least. But the update works and that’s what I was after. :slight_smile: