Why Does Spitfire's BBCSO Reset Level to Zero?

Hey Guys,

Does anyone know why Spitfire Audio’s BBCSO keeps resetting the level to zero each time i stop playback?


I’m using the dynamic mapping, so lets say I input “Forte” for an instrument. the level in the image above raises the level to play “Forte”, but when i stop playback it goes back to zero and it’s really frustrating to edit because you can barely hear the instruments…

Any Idea how to solve this issue?

Thanks, Nicolas.

Do you have any automation turned on?

Hi @mkok thanks for the reply.

No all automations inside and outside the Key Editor are removed. Only the dynamics that I wrote in the Expression Map Articulation…

Is your recording missing the initial articulation that you’ll need to copy and add at the start maybe?
(see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnHzQYXhVDw 1:22)

Same issue here with Albion V. The snapshots below show what happens when the project is stopped (image 1), when I press the space bar (image 2) and when I press the space bar again (image 3). Note that the track has constant automation data in both Dynamics and Expression lanes, and follows them while playing, but resets to 0 when stopped.

Could it be that the MIDI keyboard you are using has the expression control on 0?

Thanks for the reply @rcjp but no that doesn’t apply here because I’m not using key switches I’m using Articulations in the Expression Maps.

Yeah but shouldn’t it apply only when i have the keyboard plugged to my pc you think?