Why does Steinberg blacklist their own stuff?

Dark Planet…Hypnotic dance…Triebwerk…all blacklisted in C10…what the heck?? :confused: :confused: is this happening to anyone else please…

But they aren’t really blacklisting anything based on what that plug-in is. Rather they are testing to see if each plug-in behaves properly within the context of your specific system - computer hardware, Cubase, other software running in the background, etc. A plug-in either fails or passes the test on your system.

Oh…strange that they all work ok in Cubase 8.5 and 9.5 but they don’t work in 10…really frustrating stuff :confused:

I suspect that some part of the test was just barely passing before and now it has slipped over the line.

It is also possible that additional tests were added to 10. As they discover different ways that plugs can interact with other stuff to destabilize a system it makes sense that they’d start testing for that.

It would be helpful if Steinberg gave us at least a general description of what they test for.

I assume you’ve submitted a support request.


so have they fix the problem? all i see is complaints but no solutions. did i just threw my money away for this Hypnotic dance thing?