Why does the "Basic" stuff never work right?

Let me start by stating the obvious. Everyone has a different setup and workflow and that will mean different issues and what is “Basic” is relative…
k, disclaimer over.

A few things.

  • Taskbar doesn’t scale correctly
  • Control Room changes periodically on it’s own
  • GUI of some VST’s stop working after updates.

1- Can someone please explain why in the new “Windows Feature” the taskbar doesn’t display correctly when scaling is turned on in windows?
Using a 4k Monitor and other hi-res monitors many of us turn on scaling and this is what happens: (See Pic)

2- Why does Cubase seem to (out of nowhere) change or forget settings? eg, Control Room, Mixer Settings…

3- 8.05 destroyed my Virus Ti GUI… this is a serious wtf??

Now when you think about it, these are very “Basic” everyday things that IMHO Should NOT be happening in Cubase 8.
What’s weird is that some of these things are sold as “Features”… eg. New Windows, Mixer Scaling…etc…

I just hate that almost every update seems to break something for someone…every time!

Now, for me …this is the 1st GUI issue I’ve had but the Taskbar has been an issue since day 1 it was added… So frustrated. :frowning:

I have included a screenshot: [/b]

Cubase 8.05 Issues.jpg

[BON-6435]Fixed an issue with wrong user interface scaling on PC Windows systems using high-resolution displays.

*the funny thing about this is that sometimes , it’s actually claimed that it is fixed…

ftr, the Control Room issue is what messed up my AI volume knob. While it does work, the control room changing every so often is the real issue there.



Umm maybe you should as Access why they haven’t up dated the GUI for the TI to work with the Cubase 8 . This i like saying "My plugin doesn’t work with the my Mac OS "
Every Software needs to evolve and that’s what Cubase is doing :wink:

Because it was actually Working in Cubase 8 and all the previous installs…

Cubase 8. It worked. Update to 8.0.5 and it broke…

I have fixed this issue… I uninstalled and reinstalled and the GUI is now showing again…

So again, seems that something like a simple update can drive one mad.

Now, about that damn taskbar! @@@rrggh!

Glad you got it sorted , sorry to sound hash but you know where I’m coming from .
Unless i have any major issues with Cubase ive always waited for a major update because as you know your dicing with death every time a quick fix comes out , your better off just waiting for the official “.” update , they seem more secure . :wink: