Why does the cut tool, erase the wave?

There is a section of a song I want to adjust. So I have the purple line where I want it cut. I go to Edit and Cut and the wave form disappears. (This does not happen in Cubase)

What I wanted to do is get a section of a song, and create a new song thus splitting the song into 2 songs. So by cutting where the new songs starts, and creating a new marker, is the goal I wanted to do.

Are you in the montage or audio editor?

how do you split in the audio editor :question:

Well, obviously you can’t because the Wave editor is for editing a single wave, and splitting would produce two…

On occasion I do it by setting a marker at the split point, deleting all to one side of it and storing the result, then reverting the edit, deleting the other side and saving that result.


What I use sometimes from the wave editor, is making a selection, and dragging this away to form a new wave file. Not exactly splitting either, but for real non-destructive splitting we have the montage.