Why does the file browser not show my WAV files?

Using Cubase Pro 11.0.20 on Windows 10 Pro.

I downloaded some samples and unzipped the folder.
The File Browser in the media rack on the right doesn’t show these WAV files.
However, if I manually drag them in from Windows Explorer into a Sampler track, they import and play fine.

Separately: Is there any way to get Cubase to create Sampler tracks from WAV files I drag into the track list, instead of the default Audio tracks? Some setting I’ve missed?

Did the “media bay” scanned the folders?

No, this is an audio production environment, not a sampler workstation.
Default behavior for audio file drag and drop will ever be to place it on the timeline…
This makes much more sense for 99% of the use cases.

Having used Cubase since Cubase Audio on a Mac II, not sure I 100% agree.
Cubase roots are in MIDI. MIDI is all about triggering instruments.
So, saying “this is the thing I want to trigger” with a WAV file isn’t beyond the reasonable.
Maybe something like holding down the ALT key when dragging into the track list could do it?
(Note: track list part on the left, not the regular workspace/editing area)

This is a file browser. I’ve re-started Cubase since I last downloaded some files.
I’d assume that a “file browser” actually browses files.
As you can tell from tools like Voidtools Everything, it’s very quick to scan an entire folder (or disk) for files of the right kind, too, so picking them up in real time should also be totally doable.

Anyway, every time I click on a folder, it starts a progress spinner in the upper right.
However, it still doesn’t show the WAV files when that’s done.

UPDATE: my problem was SOLVED by rescanning the disk in Mediabay.

I experience the same problem. Cubase Pro 11.0.20 on Windows 10 Pro (20H2). Media files are not shown in media file browser. I found out that if you move the files higher up in the hierarchy they are actually shown. In my case only files up to 2 levels deep in the folder hierarchy are shown. It seems like a bug(?)