Why does the hub connection have to hog my dual monitors

I am one of those that cannot connect the hub - hopefully Steinberg will fix that, in due course, when the team do, can they also fix the way the hub insists on grabbing both my dual monitor screens stoping ALL other work, whilst the user waits for the connection to materialise? This is so uneccessary!



hate to say it but it must be the way you have your graphics setup as it only opens on one monitor this end ie monitor 1 and as never hogged both monitors ,so i would look at your display settings first :wink:

The background gradient hogs up my 2 monitors also, which I also find annoying.

Same here. Disabled the hub. If you then choose new project, you get the right side of the hub.

Maybe it is the way I have my graphics card set up, but it STILL should not do this. It’s just some form of login screen/video screen or something, it does not need to do this and it’s irritating.

Yep happens with me on both monitors.

Another thing, I use a dual monitor setup, on the left of me is the pc and in front of me is a large TV which i use as a the primary DAW monitor. The hub only opens on the smaller pc screen to my left though, it would be nice if i could move it between either monitor like everything else in cubase.


Happens to me on 3 monitors,
and when I select the short cut to download page or forumin the hub page it doesn’t come up front,
it stays behind the hub “wallpaper”
I found out after hitting the button 40 times, guess what popped up 40 times

Does it open tabs or complete new browser windows?


So, new windows or tabs?


The full screen over dual monitor is annoying.