Why does the paper size and margins look different in write mode than in print mode?

Hi folks. Whenever I am in write mode, the page setup and margins look perfect, but when I go to print, it look completely different. I am using tabloid paper for an orchestral piece, and have not screwed around with any margin editing of any kind. Does anyone know how to make the page print as it appears in write mode?

The print preview in Print mode uses the selected paper size/dimensions in the Print Options panel (on the right), but if you’re exporting graphics (e.g. a PDF), the settings for the page size, orientation etc set in Layout Options are used for the resulting exported file.

So, is there a way to fix this discrepancy? I just want the write and print preview to look the same…

No, you can’t change this (except by changing the selected paper size for printing to the same as you’ve set for your layout, provided any connected printers offer that capability).

If it helps, you can do an “instant print preview” in Write/Engrave mode by holding down a key command (which is language-dependent, but for English it’s ` (the key that also has ~ on it) for macOS and ** for Windows.

Do you mean Keyboard language choice in Dorico or in windows or both?
wher can we see this command in preference->Key Commands?
with qwertzu and frenc language selected in Dorico don’t find the right key?

Primarily the keyboard language in Dorico, because that determines what key commands are used in the app; by default, this follows the application language, which in turn follows your computer’s language (I believe).

Info about languages in Dorico is/starts here.

If I change to English in Dorico it’s ok but not in french
do you have the key code?:

This tips was so great thatt finally I edit for me the
at line1068 cnaged
“View.HideInvisibles”: [ “²” ]
“View.HideInvisibles”: [ “\” ]

Here’s the equivalent page in the French manual from Dorico 3.5. You can also check the key commands of functions according to the current keyboard language in Preferences > Key Commands.

Thanks Lillie
whne I lokked what the link you just send but :
Appuyez sur la touche ² (Windows)
has no result, that why I change in the .json file
“View.HideInvisibles”: [ “²” ]
“View.HideInvisibles”: [ “\” ]:
Best regards

That’s the equivalent French written instruction for “Press” in English, as in “Press [key]”, it’s not the name of the key command. I think the name of this command as it appears in Preferences when running Dorico in French is “Masquer les invisibles”.

Chez moi (Mac) c’est la touche en haut à gauche (@)…

Oui Marc merci,
J’avais aussi essayé mais sans succès (ici windows) mais aussi peut-être parce qu’en France vous être “azerty” et en pleine période électorale. Ici je suis en “qwertzu”
@kspell49 Soryy that your original topics changed a little of direction