Why does the Quantisize window show more features sometimes?

OK, this must be a dumb question but I cannot understand why, when I open the quantisize window from the project window header, sometimes there are all the features like splice and crossover - and other times there is just quantisize. Why?

I don’t understand what I am doing wrong - obviously. What’s the deal? I select ‘beats’ typically but have tried quantisize and grid, too. It behaves the same. Do I need to install a tempo track for quantisize to work?

I typically have cut and glued a section or two by the time I want the quantisize the track or group folder if that makes a difference, and always I would have opened the editor and found my hit points and sliced the track.

Thanks in advance.

The Quantize window will show the extra options you talk about when you select a group of separate events. If it’s just one event, then you don’t get the Crossfade, etc options.


Thanks for the response. Hm, when you say the larger quantisize window will only appear when I have created a group folder, well, in the manual it says this is true. However, I have clicked on the quantisize item with only one track invloved (albeit a ‘cut’ track with a gap or two but still a single track) and - occasionally - the larger window will appear. I know, this shouldn’t be happening according to the manual but I have seen this happen… ALSO, when I am setup for group folder quantisizing, the ‘short’ window will appear, as if this is not a group folder I am dealing with - or - as if I haven’t created my hits and slices from my editor window.So I am confused with what I see happening. :confused:

But I will jump back in and try it a few more times. And let me ask you? Are you using the quantisizing feature on single tracks and group tracks and IS it working as described in the manual? …Anybody?

Also, reading the manual, it clearly says that in a group folder, in my case let’s say five tracks for an acoustic drum kit, that I can edit just a single track - and typically the kick drum - and see all the changes in the other group folder tracks. OK, where I am going off the rails with this scenario is that when I have the group folder created, I drop down to the kick drum track and click on it for editing. I do my business here, click on hits and adjust for say a 1/16th note, then adjust the threshold. All good, right? But when I click to close this single track editor I find the next track in the group folder beneath that editor window. And as I close this editor window the next track is beneath that, etc, until all the tracks have been gone through. …Is this typical?

I really dig C6, and I am liking the idea of being able to quantisizing a track or two. I accept that I could be doing something wrong here but - even if this is true - I think there are steps/functions in the process that are not behaving as they should.

Sounds like you have all the group tracks selected before double clicking into the editor, thus opening editors for all the selected tracks.

No, what I said was that selecting a group (as in several) events (or clips) found in a track triggers the extra options in the Quantize window. If it’s just a single event, then you get the regular Quantize window (since there’s nothing to crossfade, etc). Also, are you enabling group editing in this folder? Otherwise, the changes you make to one track won’t translate to the others (probably the reason why you’re getting several Quantize windows instead of one?).

Thanks and OK, you’ve given me something to consider.

I think split is correct, I have left all the tracks lit up. I will change that. (AHA! moment, thanks!)

And I hear you, that the short window should only come up on a single, non-group track. And likewise the tall window should only come up on the group folder. (And yes, I do engage the " = " symbol as I begin the quantisizing on the group folder.) HOWEVER - I am getting either window on occasion while doing either function. Really. And I suppose I could be causing this but I don’t see how.

So are you guys using the quantisize function and it is behaving perfectly (as described in the manual) for you?