Why does the track height change when I select it?

I don’t know what is going on In c10, that when I click on a track select a track it increase the hight of the track above it. Some times when I click on a track it shrinks the top one vertically. What is going on? IS there anybody experiencing the same thing?

This may be auto zoom. I forget how to activate it or not.

Preferences-Project & Mix Console-Remove tick from Enlarge Selected Track.

Thank you. I guess most people wold like to have it removed. It enlarges the selected track too much! Thanks again folks.

It’s a common function used by many, the key is to understand how it works, so you can benefit from it when you need it as well.

Thank you Steve.

You’re welcome, chikitin. :slight_smile:

You can change the height of the selected track. Just grab the bottom edge and drag it to what you prefer. Now selected tracks will change to that size. You can even change it so the selected & unselected are the same size which effectively disables it without changing Preferences.