Why does vertical position of the Title change when I change fonts?

In the text frame in the screen grabs below, the property Text > Vertical alignment is set to “center.”

When the font is set to Academico, the text is center-aligned.

When I changed the font to Plantin MT std, the text moved up. (A similar thing happened with boxed system text.)


Changing “baseline shift” to -6.00pt centered the title. Is this the correct fix, and if not, what is?


It’s because the frame in Vertically aligned to Centre. Different fonts have different heights, (which includes from the ascenders to the descenders).

I normally use Top as the Vertical alignment.


OK - I’ll try changing alignment to top.

But…why/how does Dorico correctly align Academico automatically while I have to manually adjust settings with Plantin MT? Unless I missed something, I didn’t see any baseline or other settings to get Academico centered.

Daniel can correct me if I’m wrong, but I suspect your Plaintain example is technically “outside” the box. It’s accounting for descenders, but wants more real estate above.

Academico fits inside the box, extenders and all, so it appear centered.

I wish Dorico calculated to the baseline; but that horse has been beaten to death already.

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So, in summary:

  • There’s nothing technically “wrong” with using Plantin MT std - correct?

  • Adjusting baseline is an acceptable fix (better than, say, changing margin or padding) - correct?

  • Whether other fonts require baseline adjustment is a matter of experimentation; there’s no way to know in advance (like “use fonts with [xxxxxx] specification”] - correct?

  • Setting vertical alignment to “top” is another option.



Sounds about right. Different fonts will have different metrics for extenders, so they’ll align differently.