why does WL crash when i change the sample rate of my system?

subject says it all… this has happened, well, always, for me… and i figured i’d ask about it here. it probably has to do with my specific system… but every time i change the sample rate of my interface, if WaveLab’s current playback or recording sample rate (ie: last open or currently opened file) is different, it crashes.

my audio system consists of a UA Apollo 16 hooked up to the Mac which is clocking a crane song HEDD that does my conversion.

when i switch the sample rate on the Apollo it auto switches the HEDD for me, and WL crashes.

i’m posting here because no other audio app crashes when i do this.

any way around this? or is it just the way it has to be?

The reason for this might be that a number of audio apps ‘re-sample on the fly’ to whatever your preference playback rates are set to. So it would not necessarily ‘matter’ that the sample rate changes. WL on the other hand plays back at the actual sample rate of the file being played. I’ve not experienced your issue but I have a colleague who runs OSX and UA that I’ll ask.

In my experience, WaveLab is good at forcing a sample rate change to the audio device if it’s using the internal clock of the device.

I’ve had cases where the session doesn’t match the external clock a device is using, or if another app is also open and using the audio device, or is accidentally open to a different sample rate that WaveLab is using…WaveLab doesn’t seem to like that surprise :slight_smile:

Does the crash open happen if you have say a 96k montage open, but then change the clock of your interface to another sample rate?

I personally don’t run a HEDD but a colleague that sometimes works out of my room does. He reminded me that the HEDD allows its DA and AD to operate at the same time at different sample rates. If the mac is clocking the HEDD (as per your post) this feature has the potential for unhappiness? The unit isn’t here at the moment so I can’t try. As Justin has said, my experience has been that WL is great at forcing sample rate changes if it is using the internal clock of the device.