Why does WL do this?

Sometimes when I open WL the opening logo is “green” sometimes it is “black”, Why the difference?
Sometimes WL takes a very long time to open (over a minute) sometimes it does not. Why the difference?
Sometimes WL reverts back to the original windows setup that came with WL most times it opens with the windows setup I have saved. Why the difference?

I am on a Windows PC running Windows 10 most current version. I love WL and have been with it since version 1.6.2 but sometimes I think WL has a mind of its own…

Strange you’re seeing different coloured logos. I always see a green logo on the splash screen.

It shouldn’t be doing that. Here the launch takes around 6 seconds. Are you using the latest version of SAM (version 1.4.21)?

Yes I am using that version…thanks for the reply…

@Thomas_W_Bethel then it seems even stranger that you are experiencing these irregularities. You should of course be seeing the same launch sequence every time with no differences.

Could part of this somehow be linked to the plugins you have installed? Presumably you’ve already tried uninstalling WL and then doing a clean install?

I did a WL reinstall about two weeks ago. But I can do it again. Strange behaviour to be certain… Thanks for the feedback!

I trashed the General.dat file from preferences and it put everything back to “normal” Thanks for your help!!! WL loads in less than 10 seconds AND the logo for WL is back to being green instead of black.

Yuck! but everything is now as it should be…

Hi @Thomas_W_Bethel, glad you got it sorted :smile:

Well it only lasted until I restarted my computer and I am back to a BLACK logo and it takes sometimes as much as 2 minutes to start WL. Any ideas. It was GREAT while it lasted.
Thanks in advance.

Please show a picture.

WL Logo in Black

It is BLACK on my monitor and when I did a screen shot it was BLACK but when I pasted it it comes out GREEN. Go figure.
As per your request. Thanks for the help.

Then it’s likely a video card driver issue.

But if I get rid of the General.dat file it shows up as Green BUT as soon as I shut down the computer it and restart it comes up black. Not big deal but just wondering why? Thanks for the help!

The problem is back. Sometimes the logo is green sometimes black. Sometimes WL opens quickly sometimes it takes up to a minute to open. Is there some file I need to erase to get WL back to what it was a couple of weeks ago? I have updated my video card’s drivers. I have checked everything I can think of…I am stumped. Thanks in advance…

Ok, what is SAM?

Not sure what SAM is referring to?

I solved the problem. It was Microsoft Edge running in the background. I found a solution here How to disable Microsoft Edge Windows 10 - Google Search Now that it is shut down WL 11 works as it has in the past and is fast. FWIW

regards S-EH

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I’m glad you circled back, S-EHansson! I could not PUT that together, Ha!