Why doesn´t next preset work?

So I am using a custom key command for
Preset Next and Previous

Why does this only work for Steinberg plugins?
For example any third party plugin to scroll through presets I hace to use the mouse.
I would like to either use my qwerty keyboard or midi pedals to switch between presets. That way I can navigate sounds easily.

Any workarounds or help is appreciated.


It doesn’t work for the Steinberg plug-ins only. It works for all plug-ins, which provide the presets to the MediaBay and you can see the list in the plug-in window header > preset list.

I can’t get it to work for any other plugins except Steinberg. Can you elaborate?


I’m not sure, maybe you’re talking about different things.
If you want to navigate through presets inside a plugin, that VST has to offer that functionality on its own. There are quite a few which do that, for example Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol has a midi tab where you can use midi learn to map a controller/button to the selected action.

omnisphere for instance has a similar mechanism, xfer’s serum has configuration lines in the ini-file.
It depends on the plugin.
If you have vst3 presets in your media bay you can browse them in cubase, if the presets are in the plugin it’s the plugin’s job to make that possible.


I’ve tried various 3rd party plugins and can’t get it to work in media bay either. Care to elaborate?

Can you please explain better?