Why doesn't alt+m or alt+n work for percussion? (move to staff above or below)

here i have a note selected on the triangle, and i’d like to just move it up to castanets, but alt+n doesn’t do anything. i’ve noticed this behavior with percussion. i could understand if i was going from, say, triangle to xylophone, but both of these percussion instruments have the same kind of staff and are unpitched. is there something i’m missing? thank you.

Are these instruments all held by the same player, or are they held by different players? You can only move notes between instruments that are held by the same player.

they’re different players. except i can move notes between everyone in the wind, brass and the string choirs, and those are definitely not the same players.

Right, you’re using Alt+N/M to move notes between staves; I was assuming you were using just N and M to cross them to another staff (so that they could e.g. be beamed together). Unfortunately at the present time, Alt+N/M also doesn’t work with unpatched percussion, I’m sorry to say.

Any plans to make it work for unpitched percussion? What is the reasoning for it not working?

Certainly we would like to extend this feature to work in percussion instruments as well. I don’t remember the exact reason why we weren’t able to do this at the time we first implemented those commands, but there will have been some complication that we didn’t have time to address at that point.

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