Why doesn't C6 have...

Enhanced compatibility with Pro Tools audio files as Nuendo did?
Translating: dual-mono tracks from Pro Tools can easily be converted to stereo interleaved files…

This is a feature we use a lot, when received sessions made on PT…
This isn’t a post-production feature only…

So you want to take mono files and make them stereo interleave…

but don’t you have to mix anyway. They don’t need to be stereo interleave in the project you are working until you are finished.

Are you looking for batch conversion or something? I don’t quite get it. Mind explaining? Not being funny at all. Genuinely confused and curious.

Not exactly! He said dual mono which is not the same as mono…it’s the separate L&R channels of a stereo track.
You wouldn’t be able to EQ or compress them together in Cubase the same way you can with a stereo track.
You would need to treat each track separately or route them to a group so it’s more hassle to mix with them

Yes, that’s it!

JikkySTS take a look at Nuendo 5 video on Steinberg site: http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/nuendo/whats_new.html

why doesnt C6 have…

drag and drop to 3rd party plugins (Battery etc)
ability to order your VST3 plugins into lists
ability to move around the channels/fader order left or right in the mixer
ability to assign a 3rd party EQ plugin to the channel “e” buttons to replace the Cubase eq
ability to have solo come on the sidechain when you solo a group
ability to move frozen parts
fixed non-standard windows behaviour
have “always on top” option for the pool
ability to save the audition fader position with project

who knows why it doesnt…

…AND the crossfade dialogs…

What I asked was a Nuendo only function, that I think it shouldn’t be exclusive for Nuendo…


Great list.
Why can’t you be on the design team?

Oh god, here we go…

How about:-

true VCA channels in mixer
insert and send slots visible at same time (mix ‘n’ match; whatever you want to choose)
an extra two studio sends for Control Room (a big request from a friend at his studio)

and i must stop there and go to work… :wink:

Maybe Cubase hasn’t got what Nuendo’s got because Nuendo costs more moo-La and is aimed at the semi-pro end of the market. :wink:
And before y’all yell “I’m a pro…” at me that’s because I don’t see any “special” versions of Nuendo on cereal packets etc. I’m talking marketing and not the people who use it.

I don’t understand what you mean.

Marketing, at it’s best, is the process of matching up goods and services with folks that need/want them. At it’s worst, it’s Ponzi Schemes, Multi-Level-Marketing Scams, and/or Snake-Oil.

Any discussion of “marketing” without consideration for the people who use the goods/services sets off a warning siren for me.

I use this only in the sense that any suggestion that some members here are less than professional rubs a few members up the wrong way. So don’t run away with that ball ok?
Those warning sirens are just in your head. They really do rule the world because they can. :laughing:
Marketing means anyone who sells things to me. All the rest are con-men. Including the ones who complain incessantly and want their money back while using the forum all day and night and not the product. :mrgreen:

Course I’m joking. :laughing: