Why doesn't cubase colour the channels in the mixer like pro tools

I’ve always wondered this as it seems like such a good idea when the whole channel is a colour not just the bit at the bottom

Everyone has been asking this for years, the only one that doesn’t want it is Steinberg, as it would ruin their drab grey on grey appearance they are wanting Cubase to look like.

Maybe the Steinberg developers will buy a colour monitor one day, and then they can discover that using colour will be a revolution in usability.

Not me.

I think that is the biggest thing in PT I Hate the most.
I would prefer moveable channels instead…

the other things that I dislike about the idea of all those colours are
it looks like a toy

it would drive me nuts with all those different colours in a random order

I believe strongly that colour can influence my moods , so lets say I have a template that contradicts the mood of the song I am working on and unknowingly influences my mixing decision’s purely because of the colour scheme maybe it sent me to sleep or made me aggressive …
lastly … why should Cubase have to look like protools anymore than it already does ??
iknow that some daws have maybe on the surface better things than Cubase but at the end of the day there is nothing stopping a person owning other daws I mean for the peeps that keep saying protools is better for this and protools is better for that … then go and use protools
expensive way to work though … record in Cubase and mix in protools ouch
cheers anyway

IMHO Cubase Mixer with Lego like faders and boxes with thick borders looks more like a toy than colored PT Mixer.

Just give us the options!! Steinaha is really so annoying with the decisions they make…that BS preset color gamut.
Some very stupid decisions that leave us dumbfounded.

It has to be a cruel joke…right?


Cubase GUI is distracting as hell, and when I work on PT or Studio One it’s always a relief in that way. I wouldn’t count on that changing though, I’m sorry to say.

I really like the Cubase mixer, I just think the coloured channel tracks would be helpful

I don’t need the mixer channels colored from bottom to the top, but if it could be more like “Colorize Track Controls”.
So “Colorize Fader Controls” up to the pan control + a min/max fader to set the amount to your own liking.
Yeah, I could live with that. :wink:

Agree 100%