Why doesn't Cubasis capture the origin time for recorded audio?

When audio is recorded in Cubase, the resulting audio file has “origin” metadata stamped on it, which can then be used with the “Move to Origin” command to align audio events.

But when I import a project from Cubasis into Cubase, none of the audio files have any origin information. (I know this because I can see the origin field in the Cubase audio pool. Every Cubasis audio file has an origin of

Why is this information not captured when recording in Cubasis?

“But the Cubasis project origin is not the same as the Cubase project origin.”. True. But origin information is still useful, because I can select all the imported audio, say “Move to Origin”, and their relative positions will be preserved. Then I can just drag the whole batch to the right place.

As it stands, I need to create dummy events in each track of the imported Cubasis project so that there is a reference event.