Why doesn't locking a channel lock its color?

Simple question. I lock a Marker channel, but I randomly click on Markers to locate then end up with their colors changed when I change the color of something else. I have to make sure and remember to deselect any Markers to avoid this.

What am I missing?


The manual says:

Disables all editing of all events on the track.

The track’s color is not the track’s event.

The individual markers on a Marker track are marker events, are they not? Those events are what I am speaking of.


Yes, the individual markers are events. If you colorise specific marker by the color tool, the marker event keeps its color even if you change the track color. If you don’t do that, the marker event follows the track color.

It’s easy to repro this issue.

1.Colorize Market track events.

  1. Lock the Marker track.

  2. Change the color of a Marker event on the track.

At least on my Windows PC, locking a Marker track does not lock the color of the Marker events.

For whatever reason this did not start bothering me until recently so I don’t know if this worked properly before Nuendo 10.3.

So is this a new bug or has it been a “feature” all along?

Martin, thanks for trying to help. I do appreciate it.

After checking, the answer is pretty simple. It’s apparently a design philosophy, one that I do not understand, or possibly just an oversight.

In Preferences > Editing there is a setting to choose which Track attributes lock. Position + Size + Other. One would think that “Other” would be everything that is not Position or Size, yes? This is not the case. “Color” is not an “Other”. Someone either forgot or else decided that, for some reason that escapes me, Color should not be a lockable attribute.

And now back to “Why?” The lack of consistency in logic bothers me, personally, as incidentally selected markers are changing color when I am colorizing other things even though they should be locked, at least in my opinion. But I do believe I will be able to survive this disappointment with some effort. :wink:


Exactly. Cubase is just designed this way and it works as specified.

Well maybe at least we could change the verbiage to “Mostly Locked”?