why doesn't my CP8 work properly?

I’m on full double cream gold top aero, I’ve re installed 3 times, steinberg hub will not open if I click on “steinberg hub” even if I have not opened a project, also if i click on …lets say…devices, I get i big rectangular white oblong across the floating toolbar which, by the way I can’t minimize…well, sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t…

C6.5 and C7.5 are working ok 'cept for the stuff they haven’t fixed yet. (and no doubt never will now)

I have a fairly powerful “puter” so what the heck is wrong? feels like I’ve bought an iffy piece of software. :frowning: :angry:

Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year to all…Kevin

Have you tried starting in “Safe Mode”?

Thanks jaslan, I did that and I was able to open the hub…and the rectangular lines have gone, so does this mean that it is a 3rd party plugin that’s causing the problem?
however, when I opened CP8 again it re scanned my plugins and …ok I was able to open the hub but now I cannot minimize the floating toolbar because the buttons have gone…

curiouser and curiouser as somebody said to a rabbit… :slight_smile:


It doesn’t necessarily mean it was a plug-in. They are all rescanned because the preferences were reset but who knows how the preferences were messed up. As far as the minimize thing, I am not having that issue here but I think I have seen some discussion about it in the forum somewhere. My best guess is that it is a known anomaly that will hopefully be fixed soon. Not sure if there is a solution at this time since I haven’t read much on it due to not experiencing the problem.

Just did a search for the keyword “minimize” in the CP8\General forum and found several discussions…

I thank you unreservedly for your interest in my problem jaslan, I have to go offline now (we have visitors)

I will continue my prob solving tomorrow,cheers, Kevin :slight_smile: