Why doesn't Q-link affect Link Group setting when many tracks are selected?

Seems strange, given that changing the link group to many tracks has a very relevant use case.

eg. Got a bunch of guitar tracks recorded, now I want to change them all to Link to the ‘Guitar’ group - makes sense to be able to do this simultaneously, no?


It works for me here. I can change the Output of multiple Channels at once by using Q-Link (in the MixConsole window).

Yes that’s true. But not the Link Group (the drop-down located above the faders)


What exactly do you mean, please? Could you attach a screenshot and mark it?

Where it says ‘DRUMS’, ‘KICK’, ‘SN’. That’s the link group of the track. This does not honor the Q-Link in the mixConsole when you want to change the Link Group for a bunch of tracks together.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 8.42.14 pm


OK, now I understand. The Q-Link doesn’t work for the Link Settings.

You can click on the arrow in the toolbar next to the Link and add multiple (selected) tracks to the same Link at once here.

As this feature wasn’t working in Cubase 12 either, add the feature-request tag to your post, please It’s not a bug, it has not been implemented.

This does not work here.

I’ve added the ‘feature-request’ tag to my original post.

It doesn’t work for me either anymore. How did I do that before? :thinking: