Why doesn't tab to switch elements work sometimes?

I’m trying to understand the logic here. If I add a key signature, and then press tab, it won’t get out of selecting the key signature. If I add a final bar using the shift+b popover, tab doesn’t get me out of the bar selected.

I also find this can sometimes happen when I add a dynamic or other elements. Those I haven’t been able to consistently reproduce, but those other two I have.

It’s pretty annoying to have to put my hand back on the mouse just to select where I already am, and then keep going with keyboard shortcuts. One workaround for me in this context is just clicking shift+n to go straight to note input, but I still feel like this tab function should be working more consistently.

The manual is pretty clear on this:

Key signatures are system objects. Barlines are system objects. If you happen to have inputted local key signatures or local time signatures, Tab will work to cycle from the local signature to whatever else is on that staff at that rhythmic location.

i was just able to replicate another one:

just added a con sord to a trombone by using the shift+p pop up, and after pressing enter i wasn’t able to tab back to the note i was on. why does this happen?

It worked for me, both with con sord. and with other playing techniques entered either with the playing techniques popover or by using the side panel. If I pressed tab again a few times, it toggled between selecting the playing technique and selecting the note.

yeah idk why it doesn’t work for me. and it seems random. so i think it’s a bug. I:

select a note
press shift+p
type “con sord”
press enter twice
con sord is inputted
press tab

and nothing happens. but if i click the note with my mouse, then press tab, i can select the playing technique.

The keyboard focus should be automatically transferred back to the score. If you encounter this again, rather than clicking with your mouse, try typing Alt+8, which should set the focus back to the main music area, and then see if Tab or the arrow keys work at that point.