Why doesn't the alignment of the lines of text in the staff work like in the text frames?

Hey all,
I want to get this

I do this

and when I want to centre the 2 lines, I get this situation

I then have to realign everything with mode gravure.
can I avoid moving the text to the left?

Try using a custom Paragraph Style that is centred by default.

Does that work?

It appears that the text is centered, but the attachment point for the text block is at the start of the multi-measure rest.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I get the same result. The text is positioned from the attachment point and is positioned according to the chosen parameter, but not inside a “virtual” frame. For my example it would be much simpler and quicker. If there’s a solution I’m very interested. Thank you

yes, and in my example I can’t move the attachment point because I have to keep the multirest as it is.

  1. I am confused why the multibar rest number 2 suddenly appears in your third image.
  2. What happens if you disable the avoid collisions property for this text item? Can you then drag it to the place you want?

It’s the same in Sibelius: Text blocks anchor at the same point as the alignment. The OP’s example requires a separate aligning mechanism that staff text doesn’t have.

Centering lines of text in a left- or right-aligned block is much more often seen in, for example, the attributions on the first page. Text frames in Dorico can handle this just fine, but staff text can’t.

  1. because by default Dorico writes this

so I’ve hidden the 2, which seems useless in this situation.

  1. however, “avoid collisions” partially solves the problem and I only have to move the text. Thanks
    I think I’m going to abandon this idea as it’s a very large score for a full orchestra and this situation often recurs. In fact, in this particular case, we should be able to hide the multirest numbers, centre the lines of text and have the bar adapt to the content of the text. That would be wonderful.
    Thank you all for your replies

In a text frame dorico exactly knows how wide the frame is and I think it’s easy to center.
But with staff text, the width is dynamic and thus the anchor point for staff position has to be the same as the axis of alignment, at least that’s my guess

I fully understand your explanations and yet you can create a border around the text that takes into account its dimensions at that moment. Then I find that in some situations the way staff text works can be confusing. For example, if you align the text to the right, it will visually end up at the end of the previous bar.

I thought I might do this with the Line Tool, but no. Although one can create an invisible line and center (one line) of text on it, doing so negates the multi-measure rest.

I understand your confusion, but it’s because the anchor of the alignment and the anchor of the position in the bar have to be the same.
If you right-align it, Dorico doesn’t know how far right the anchor should be. Like how far right do you expect Dorico to move the text?
And if you add more/longer text, should the text move then? The problem becomes too non-trivial to cover all the cases.