Why doesn't the BPM of a Dorico project save?- Dorico Newbie

Hello again, there must be something really simple that I am missing here but why after setting a new tempo other 120BPM does Dorico not save it? When I open my project that had a tempo set to 8BPM after saving and reopening it defaults back to 120BPM? Any thoughts?

Thanks! DD

You could write q=8 in the tempo popover and have Dorico follow it instead of using the tempo override (I suppose that’s what you’re using)…

Just testing @MarcLarcher’s assumption. How did you change the tempo that did not save?

Hi Marc, yes of course silly me. I get it now. Thanks so much!

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Hi Janus, I was deselecting the blue quarter note at the top right next to the metronome icon then sliding the slider fast or slower. I guess this is just play back speed for when working in a project, but not the actual tempo of the project. Ugh I have so much to learn lol :slight_smile:


Coincidentally, I was just about to “complain” that Dorico does not currently save the state of the Manual Tempo control, so that opening the project again will have it turned off; and also, Dorico does not save the modified tempo itself (the slider’s BPM) when the control is returned to the ‘Use score tempo’ state. I opened a project and got a playback speed that I didn’t expect because this UI state was not applied as I thought…

There could be a position made that the control should always be set to default ( Use Score Tempo) when opening a project, so the user isn’t confused; likewise there could be a position made to save the state of the button in the project too. My current opinion is that Dorico should save the state of the modified tempo, and also save the state of the ‘Manual Tempo’ button, into the project and restore those states when the project is re-Opened.

I don’t have much trouble typing “q=88” into the tempo popover if I want Dorico to save the tempo, and changing the BPM in the Properties panel is available any time I want to try a new speed.