Why doesn't the selection tool work in this situation?

When I’m zoomed out and try to select several MIDI parts with the object selection tool, the cursor changes from a pointer to something with two vertical bars (see screenshot below). I don’t know what this alternate pointer mode is called or what its purpose is, but it prevents me from dragging the parts like I want. This does not happen in Cubase 5 or earlier, and I can find no reference to it in the Cubase 7 manual. What is it and how can I prevent it from happening?

Anybody know anything about this?

The tool has switched to one that proportionally resizes overlapping events, because you are hovering over their ends, where they abut.

Thanks for your reply. Is there any way to deactivate this in the preferences? I would much rather be able to move the MIDI parts than resize overlapping events, and I must not be the only one, because like I said, Cubase 5 doesn’t do this.

Not that I know of. Looks like zooming out a bit would help.

Thanks again. Unfortunately, zooming out makes it worse, probably because the edges of the parts take up a proportionally larger area. If anybody knows of any way to turn this “feature” off, please let me know.

You have to work zoomed in to 16 measures per inch? I suppose you could use key commands to move the parts though.

Yes, I do have extremely large projects, which may be why most people don’t encounter this issue. Key commands for moving and the range selection tool (the cursor-shaped tool) do work properly even when zoomed way out, but 99% of the time I’m using the object selection tool (the arrow-shaped tool) in the project window, so I was hoping there was a way to get rid of this resize mode that apparently they added to the object selection tool sometime after Cubase 5. I guess I can live with it though. Thanks for your help.

This is a very good point, and it plagues me quite often as well. I’d rather it defaulted to the selection pointer at those zoom levels because that to me is much more useful than being able to resize or drag the boundaries. Perhaps its a feature request?


Thank you. I thought maybe I was going crazy, so it’s good to know I’m not the only one. Yes, selection is way more useful than resizing when I’m using the SELECTION tool. In my original post, I stated that the resize mode didn’t appear in Cubase 5 and earlier, which is not correct. Rather, like you said, Cubase 5 always seems to default to the selection mode if there is any ambiguity, which I find much more useful than defaulting to the resize mode as in Cubase 7 and later.

I will add this issue to the Cubase 8 feature request forum, but I highly doubt Steinberg actually looks at those or takes them seriously. I mean, how many years have they ignored our desperate pleas to fix the Daylight Savings Time bug? At any rate, Cubase 8 has numerous, far more serious problems than this selection tool problem (unbelievably broken window management for one thing), so it’s kind of a drop in the ocean.