Why dont make/convert a cubasis for android?

I see Cubasis and the plugings of that are only available in ipad. Why dont we request a Cubasis for Android?

Because the audio system of Android is not very well designed and will potentially not have a very low latency. Though I’m not a fan of Apple and use an Android phone/Windows PC I must admit that there audio architecture is very good.

Because the implementation of Android varies so much between different phones Steinberg can’t ensure which phones it would work on and which it wouldn’t.

They did introduce Cubase IC Pro for Android some years ago. Lasted about a year. All the phones listed as compatible on Steinberg’s website were soon obsolete and unavailable and testing new phones for compatibility was a huge ongoing task that they couldn’t maintain.

I’m pretty sure the Android audio issue argument is outdated. Caustic and Bandlab run perfectly on Android, as do many other high end music apps. I think it’s now more of a potential market size issue.

Caustic and FL Studio Mobile working fine in my android devices

The point is they went into this market once and withdrew because it took more effort to service this market segment than it was worth. So yeah market size is a consideration, but size is always a consideration in any marketing decision. But it’s highly unlikely they will re-enter a market segment they have already abandoned once.

Also I don’t think it was related to how android handled audio. My impression (and it is only that) is that the shear number of Android releases & variations generated too much work to keep up with.

So ask away, but realistically don’t get your hopes up. Good luck.

Because Android has not this great API (application programming interface) as Windows or OSX.
The Android system is toooo limited. Complex things just cannot programmed with this small API. It is not possible.

Audio part in Android has improved a lot this year

They used some mozilla libraries that was obsoleted.