Why dont you close the forum?

All relevant topics are closed or moved to irrelevant section, so why don’t you close down the hole thing? Did you expect that your customers should praise the online requirement or what?

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But I suppose that depends on what you think is relevant

Everything I’ve seen closed recently needed to be closed. They were just rambling on with nothing new being added. Just a load of rants


SInce there is topics with 100 times more posts than usual threads they seems to be more important than most other topics.

but many of the closed topics asked the same questions again and again…
all of them where answered in the longer topics…
as @mkok mentioned, just rants from a small group of people

It the same all over the forum. Many questions is the same as they was 10 years ago, but they are not closed.

The topics that praise the new model and does not even have discussion and are just noise are kept open.

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Cubase, are you shocked at this really??

On the new license yes. On forum handling not so much. The new forum has declined a lot too. Should maybe not rant so much about the forum, having a forum like this is not the way japanese companies usually handling customers.

This is typical corporatization to me. Get on the boat and praise everything or get labeled as a disgruntled if your opinion differs. Also, the shills will let you know how wrong you are. Their posts never get deleted, Hmmmm…

One more closed thread now. I think they need find their towels.

The forum will not be closed, of course.

Steinberg staff have repeatedly replied to the same accusations again and again, and they’ve been respectful to forum members in their speech.

The information about the licensing change has been published to the public, and they have stated unequivocally what their intentions are for the future.

There are scores of negative posts about them, and their policies etc. dating back years, which remain publicly available.

Steinberg are totally ignore the questions about how it will work in technical terms.
More or less only replying “We are nice, trust us.” Same arguments as any scam. And the thread about what Steinberg can do to solve this was closed too.

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I don’t have any problem with the upcoming licensing scheme. The people who do have a problem with it have plenty of time to explore options. I would take a closed thread as a hint and move on to some other topic.

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After more than 20 years of participating in online audio forums, I’m still waiting for someone to propose a durable app-licensing scheme that everyone will love. I’ve stopped holding my breath.

Why not gather all the relevant posts from the threads you keep shutting down and put them all in one post if your getting fed up with all the questions being asked and make them sticky posts instead of moaning that we are moaning .

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Repeat ? Nope , each question is different . Being a trades man as well ,:
Would like me to come into your house and start a job and say " oppss we can’t do this job this way we’ll have to do it another way " but because ive have already started the job you don’t have any options unless your stop me and search elsewhere .
OR do you let me ask all the questions , get all the pitfuls ironed out and then write a contract of works to secure the works and the future .well some questions are being avoided and labeled as repeated here .
It’s your forum , your software and company and you run it how you choose but when you make big decisions like making the dongle defunked with £k’s worth of softwares on them because people don’t like your new temporary licencing then can’t you understand we are a bit peeed to say the least . I have to change all my controllers as well not just DAW . .
Anyway be in denial and close this thread with your power stick :grin:

Corrrr Caramel Ben and Jerry’s

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What the hell is your problem?

I don’t quite get it either. Even if you don’t upgrade the software will still run for a few years yet. But why would t you upgrade? You will still get use of the last version on the dongle and the new version. I don’t see a huge waste of money here at all. It was t a question anyway but a statement. I prefer the dongle but many don’t. I’ll upgrade to 12 and then probably Wavelab when it happens. It is happening whatever!

If we closed the forum that would be regarded as the wrong decision too. We cannot win this :wink:
And I am sorry to close this one too.

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