Why Dorico SE needs activation code?

I still cannot understand why Dorico SE requires an activation code even if it is already a free release.
(The same doubt to HALion Sonic SE.)

According to my observation, the registration of SE activation code is not that friendly enough to far-east users who are not comfortable in English.
Forcing users to use activation code for a free software may make the promotion of the software harder in these markets.

It’s Steinberg. Their licensing is anti-customer. They require you purchase a physical dongle to even install the demo of Cubase.

Dorico is an exception. Soft-eLc is enough.

The sad story is that till now all Steinberg products are cracked by trial extenders except those products which only support hardware dongles. That’s the reason.

Dorico SE requires an activation code because the software is protected by the eLicenser technology and, by design, without a valid license, it will not run.

Thanks for your reply.

So… Protecting a free software because all versions of Dorico share the same application binary. Is my assumption correct?

Certainly we would not be able to deliver a single binary if we wanted Dorico SE to be able to run without an activation code, but fortunately we don’t want that, so it’s a non-issue.

I would like to run Dorico SE on my mac and on my windows machine. I have installed and activated on my mac. But, how can I get a second activation code for my windows machine?

I’ll send you one, Brian.

Great that the Dorico team is doing this to let potential users get their feet wet (Great vids by Antony Hughes, too- I actually needed something like this with Pro). I’d like to load this (the free SE version) in on 15 stations in a school’s music department. QUESTION: Is there a site license possible, or do I have to have 15 different emails, and licenses and activations? The computers already have Finale, and MuseScore on them. Most use MusicScore (and hate Finale). I’d like to offer them some more choices (including NoteFlight online). You folks rock.

I’ll send you 15 license codes by private message, Istvan.

Hi, would it be possible to receive a Dorico SE license? Thank you very much!

Welcome to the forum, ajovesound. I’ll send you an activation code by private message: please check your inbox.

Hello, I’m replying just for the sake of a confirming up-to-date answer, if possible.

I’m looking forward to ask all students of the music school I direct to install Dorico SE. Before so, I would like to be able to guide them regarding all needed procedures for a clean and efficient installation. I’m therefore here to ask if Dorico SE needs a physical dongle for the activation or if it is possible to rely on a licensing software, without having to ask the students to purchase a physical license key.

Thank you

No version of Dorico requires a hardware dongle unless you want to share the same license between multiple computers.

Thank you, this is indeed good news!