Why get rid of loopmash 2?

I never got the chance to use this but looking at videos and tutorials it mind boggles to think why Steinberg would discontinue what I would consider from the looks of it to be the most powerful sound design fx they have ever made…?

Can’t say this happened for Loopmash, but a lot of s/w titles disappear because Party A hired Party B to write the program and the license period specified in the original contract expires and they don’t have the rights to it anymore.


Such a shame cause this looks crazy. Never had a chance to use. But just from what iv’e watched it looks hella powerful :frowning:

If you have an older version of Cubase you can move or copy the VST over into the Cubase 13 folder and it works fine.

On WIndows it’s in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 13\VST3
and the file is LoopMash FX.vst3

Thanks for the reply. I have loop mash fx but as you can see from the picture loop mash FX and Loopmash 2 look vastly different. One is live fx the other is sound design.
Unfortunately I’m a recent Cubase convert as of the incredible 13 update so I have never known what I am missing…

Yeah, sorry. Read that too fast or something.

I tried getting LoopMash2 to work by doing the same thing and no dice. I also tried putting the LoopMash file in the common VST3 folder and scanned it and that didn’t work either. I can still open it in Cubase 111 though which is the last version of Cubase to include it.
Your Cubase 13 license covers you for Cubase 11, but I think you’d need an eLicenser, although the software version might work. You can download C11 from the download manager.

The software eLicenser does not work. One needs a dongle to use Cubase 11 Artist or Pro.
People who started to use Cubase with version 12 or later don’t have a way to use previous versions.
Sometimes being a long time customer has its advantages.

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Way to rub it in lol. I shall continue to observe with great envy

Decent chance there is a glut of dongles being resold since we’re 2 versions in on the new license scheme.

As much as I want to….I’m not about that dongle life lol.
My hope is Steinberg view this unit the same way I do and are hard at work fine tuning it for a future release like loopmash fx which in its own right is very useful for sound design.

One can hope.
Thanks for the responses everyone!

As I understand it, Loopmash was never Steinberg property; they didn’t build it, they don’t own it. The fact it is no longer included is down to the makers choosing/deciding not to put effort into bringing the tool in line with latest OS technology updates/compatibility (Mac primarily, I think…).

Also, no support for new Steinberg Licensing; a full stop right there - unless you wish to keep the dongle plugged in, you can still run it… but no telling when it might completely keel over, borking your system, losing you a ton of work etc… you do the hack, you take all the risk.

Lose no more sleep. Its not coming back. Your loop crazy, chop-em-up needs lie in some alternative tool out there…

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Here is the guy you need to pay convince:

He might be associated with FabFilter now, not quite sure.