Why has my Cubase license expired?

I just got locked out of my Cubase Artist. The dialogue box is saying that my license is not longer valid.

I am a bit confused. I bought Cubase Artist 7.0 about a year ago. I installed it using the license key included in the box along with various other license codes for short term licenses.

When Cubase Artist 7.5 came out a few months back I upgraded as well.

When I click on to the 7.5 icon it always asks me if I want to use Cubase or Cubase Artist. I was never sure why I was being prompted for Cubase (perhaps I had also entered a short terms license for it as well.). Either way I always use Cubase Artist.

I have been getting this warning that my Cubase license is expiring for the last little while. I have been ignoring it as I only use Cubase Artist.

When it finally locked up today it stated that my Cubase license (not Cubase Artist) had expired. Now I cannot get into Cubase Artist at all. Again I only ever clicked on the one icon when it worked.

I just noticed that the license that was provided in the box was only for a 25 hour license. Is it possible that I only ever set this up for 25 hours? I have probably only used it for 25 hours in the last year so now I am wondering.

Why is this happening and what do I do?


What it sounds like is that you never activated Cubase Artist 7.5 by entering an activation code in the Elicenser application.

What do I do now? I clearly paid for it.

You clearly use the activation code provided with the purchase of 7.5 to download the 7.5 full license.

Just to clarify… You probably need to enter the code and download the license for Cubase Artist 7.5 (I assume that is the update you bought). You have probably been running on the 25 hour All applications license, which is now expiring. EXACTLY which licenses do you have on the dongle as stated in eLicenser?

So I currently have two separate applications on my computer (Cubase 7.0 and Cubase 7.5).

When I upgraded to 7.5 it downloaded a new application. I read in the forums that if you tried to delete 7.0 that the 7.5 version would not work properly. Thus I kept both on my computer but I only ever click on the 7.5 version.

The license I have on my dongle is for Cubase Artist 7.0 and it looks intact (i.e. black text). I can also see an expired license for Cubase 7.0 (red text) which has an expiration date of yesterday (makes sense).

I have tried re-entering the license key that came with my purchase (paper version in box) in both the 7.0 and 7.5 versions on my computer. Both versions prompt me to activate the license and both reject the entry saying that the license has already been used.

Nowhere on my dongle do I see a reference to a license for 7.5 yet I clearly have this on my computer and I have clearly been using it.

Do I need to download Cubase Artist 7.5 again and attempt to re-enter my original Cubase 7.0 Artist license key?

Please read this carefully:

When you bought the Cubase Artist 7.5 update you received an activation code via email.

That code must be entered in the Elicenser application.

Plot thickens.

I found the upgrade license to Cubase 7.5 in an old email. I paid $49.99 for it. When I click on the 7.5 Application I am prompted for the license key. When I click on the e-licenser software and type in the code I am told that there are not any upgradable software on my dongle. When I hit OK. I can still see the Cubase 7.0 license in my License list which is black and valid with a description that says it is a full license.

I can now open the original Cubase 7.0 application. Do if I can open it that means the license for it must now be working but the e-license will not let me upgrade it using the original 7.5 license key that I have in my possession.

Do I need to download 7.5 again and enter the old 7.5 license key?


Sounds like you bought the wrong update. Did you buy the update for Cubase Artist or Cubase?

The email says:

Qty. Product Name Price
1 Cubase 7.5 Update from Cubase 7

Does this mean I need to purchase the upgrade again and then enter the license key for that?

Thanks again for your patience on this.

You should write to asknet and tell them what happened.

Did you use “maintenance” in the elicenser program to update your elicenser? Many people make this error…!

I did use “maintenance” to update my elicenser. What would that have done?

Secondly what is ask net?


You bought the wrong update, simple as that. No other issue here.

Find the email that contains the activation code and write to the customer service address.

Asknet.com runs the Steinberg online store https://shop.steinberg.net/cgi-bin/pages/contact

Thank-you. I will update you on the solution to this as soon as I hear back from ask net.


Hi rkaczano,

since you purchased it so far back, Asknet probably won’t be able to help you. Please send me your order number via PM, and I’ll see what I can do to sort it out.


Maybe not the solution but Always make sure you have the latest elicenser software, as from installation it will update the productscatalog on the usb stick online and make the newly available products know to authenticate activation numbers for the newer products like groove agent 4, cubase 7.5.