Why has my Hub stopped working

Hi guys,
your help please.

My music PC is not normally connected to the internet. About once a month or so, I connect and check for updates to my plugins and to see what’s new from Steinberg. For the last month I keep getting no internet connection message, even though I can view web pages. Clearly, I’m connected but the Hub is not working. What am I missing? :blush:



Maybe Firewall or antivirus is blocking the communication?

Yeah, good point, so I doubled-checked.

I use Windows Defender. I have checked the Allowed app to communicate through Windows Defender Firewall settings page.
Under the column Allowed apps and features I can see that I have Cubase 10p5 ticked/checked. So, the firewall is allowing Cubase 10.5 through.

So I don’t get it. I still seem to be missing something! :blush: :cry:


Try updating elicenser . Right click elicenser and run as administrator , see if that helps .

Yes, this is usually caused by elicenser software not being up to date.


Good point. After the update, please also trigger Maintenance, once you start the eLCC as administrator.

Interesting… Didn’t think of that. :open_mouth:

so I clicked the Perform Maintenance Task button and everything seems to be up-to-date! eLC Version

The Hub still doesn’t display. :imp:

Anything else you can think of regarding Windows Defender? It has to be that surely!

Any further ideas guys?

So, I took a chance and turned off Windows Defender, and rebooted and connected to the internet. Started Cubase and the Hub connected!:ok_hand::+1:

So, it looks like I have made an error/typo and cased a conflict with my Windows Defender exclusion list and Cubase. I will have to play around a little to find it.

So, I now know what to do.

Thanks for your help guys! :+1::sunglasses: