Why has 'Preferences' been moved.

This is obviously not a huge issue,

but -

The ‘Preferences’ option has been on the File menu, like, FOREVER, but now for some unfathomable reason it has been moved to the murky depths at the very bottom of the Edit drop-down menu (which requires me to scroll down off the lower edge of the screen to access it).

We all knew where it was and where it has always been.

Why waste time moving it?

In what way does the move improve the Nuendo experience?

I will never use Steinberg products again! …(Just kidding).

They regulary move things to “keep you sharp”.
Actually, there is a montly meeting discussing what they are going to move with the next release.
The function that get’s the most votes in the category “that will keep them busy for a while” is the choosen one.
Runner up in second place is changing the spacebar start/stop behavior into “save/undo”.
(Just kidding)


Ha, I can almost believe that. It’s the sort of logic that must have been applied here.


Speaking of which…I wouldn’t mind to be able to map some modifier key to the space bar. I think Fairlight had this, and it makes an awful lot of sense as space is closest to most other keys on the keyboard.

It’s not just Preferences. I’m my system, as of N10.1, the entire installation folder for the app has been moved outside of the normal Programs folder and into the root directory of the Windows OS disk. I don’t recall doing anything to cause that optionally.

Have not seen that with any other manufacturer I can think of.

It’s good to keep my old brain in service. Compare this to Pro Tools, they changed almost nothing in last 10 years. Boring.

That way, you can focus on making music, instead of going on a treasure hunt. SMH

Just like the OP, I was looking for Keycommands in File Menu. So I went for a “treasure hunt”. You can only imagine my happiness when I finally found it in the Project menu. What an exciting life. Who needs music.

@Steinberg: Please put the Preferences menu back where it was on the File menu. With the new location at the bottom of the Edit menu I have to scroll off the bottom of the screen to reach it and then scroll off the top of the screen to reach the Edit Undo/Redo options. An absolute PITA.

or hit the up arrow once.

That doesn’t work for me. After scrolling all the way down to Preferences I select it, then close it. Then to get to Edit Undo I have to click on Edit again and click the Up arrow 5 times.

How about putting it back where it has been quite happily for years? - Nobody complained about it then!

This sort of needless fiddling about with the program merely highlights the lack of thought put into what the users might find useful. There are no benefits whatsoever to this change - it is just change for change’s sake, without a thought for the people who actually use the end product.

It’s amazing you can actually run Nuendo on a 640x480 screen. :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

It wasn’t me who moved it :wink: But my take is that prefs belongs in the edit menu, prefs being something one edits.
When it got moved I was like, Well, I’ll be… it finally makes sense.