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A question about the difference between Cubase and Nuendo.

Yes! Why indeed! I am so interested in everyone’s responses. I want to get into Film Composing and would happily buy Nuendo if I felt it was necessary!

If you get into anything connected to film / video you want Nuendo.
If you work as a pro you will unavoidably stomble into a situation where u gonna need one or more
features of Nuendo to finish your job fast or adequately… or extend a service to your customer that
involves an additional branch of business, i.o.w., you are prepared for most anything …

There seems to be no crossgrade from Cubase (?). If that is so, I’d go for Nuendo, hands down…
Nuendo costs the equiv. to a 3 (2) day job, but will be at service for years.

M2c, Big K

OK. A quick questionnaire for you:

  1. Do you need to or does your client require you to import AAF-files directly from the editing suite? (YES/NO)
  2. Do you need to submit your finished music in such a fashion as that it conforms to EBU R-128 or other/similar loudness requirements? (YES/NO)
  3. Do you need to or does your client require you to export AAF-files from finished projects so they may be imported into a mix session or similar somewhere else? (YES/NO)

If you have answered any of the above questions with YES, you will require Nuendo. Otherwise you’ll be fine with Cubase. In any realistic workflow scenario where you are working SOLELY as a COMPOSER, you will have answered all three questions with NO, so go with Cubase. Once you start including any aspect of audio post production in your work, you will quickly come to a point where you will want to have Nuendo.