Why hasn't Steinberg/Yamaha developed a FM VST synth ?


I wonder why Steinberg/Yamaha have not developed a FM VST synth ?

I would love it if they did.

Do you think this will happen in the near future ?


Aloha M,

Kool idea but how would it be any diff from what is currently available?

What would you like to see included (not included)?

As long as it sounds as good, or better than the old YAMAHA DX/TX FM Hardware, has a modern, and intuitive GUI design, with some new options to speed up programming I will surely buy it.

But… Priority would be the SOUND !

and … Non of the FM VSTs I listened to or used, i.e. FM7, FM8 were as good sounding as the YAMAHA HW FM synths to my ears. I’m sure Steinberg/YAMAHA can deliver a much better, and convincing FM VST synth, sadly they still don’t have anything like this. Which is very odd.

Got it!