why have my rests disappeared?

I know there’s I’m sure a simple explanation, but what is the most likely cause of why, after deleting some music (that included some slash regions, etc.), I’m left with no rests just for this bit?:

Thanks in advance!

  • D.D.

Either underneath the slash region, or before the slash region, there’ll be a note or rest that has its “Ends Voice” property set, and the first rest in bar 121 has its “Starts Voice” property set. It’s anyone’s guess why this has happened - it’s normally either a hangover from a MusicXML import, or previous use of “Remove Rests” - but the fix is unsetting those properties. The alternative is to get the caret to the start of bar 115, type Shift+B rest Enter.

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Wow - that “Shift-B rest” suggestion did the trick! Thanks.

  • D.D.