Why haven't Moo-Moo's evolved since the 60's?

Thought you were talking about cows Steve :unamused:

It’s Mumu’s FYI :slight_smile:

I’m with you on the 60’s, great time. Now for ‘Moo, Moo’s’, being from the dairy state, I would like to invite you to come and smell our ‘Dairy Air’ :mrgreen: it’s a great time of year , as everything is green , green, green. But, I digress. The Moo-Moo was most fecthing in the 60’s with another fashion statement of the time, which in itself was most liberating, I’m sure, and alluring to us gents, the B–less movement, which peaked with burning the same.
:astonished: Those were the days, my friend. :ugeek:

And just think that only a few hundred years earlier, had history taken us down a different route, even us men could have been walking around in similar garments… pants/trousers could have been a thing of the past.

Can you say muu muu’s for women and puu puu’s for men? lol

i cannot recall Janis wearing a tent-dress… Cass yes…

May they both rest in peace, incredible women, both of them. :sunglasses: Too bad their numbers came up so early in their games…