Why Helge Vogt is smiling in his avatar..

Because Steinberg is going to extract another $149 from it’s users for another upgrade.

I mean, I’m sitting here using Ver. 5 and loving it (After upgrading from Ver. 3). I don’t hit this site too often and was just slightly aware there was a Ver. 6. Now I see that there is a Ver. 7 ??

I’ve been a user for more years than I care to admit. I also leap frog many versions just to save a little money (and the fact that I don’t use Cubase on a pro level so the upgrades aren’t necessary in my case) but it would be nice to see Steinberg throw some of us that have paid for 3 or 4 upgrades in the past get a “freebie” every now and then.

Well, if you had visited this site one month after you joined it, you would have noticed that Cubase 6 had arrived.

The good news, is that you didn’t miss much, Cubase 6 was a rather lame up date that made several things worse.

More good news is that Cubase 7 looks to be quite a spectacular update.

The really bad news for you, is that to go from Cubase 5 to Cubase 7 is going to cost you more like $325, so that is the real reason for the big smile !

it’s worth every penny to me…

Tip: Update now to 6.5 for € 199 and get the grace period update to 7 free. Not a bad price for skipping a version…

I saw and played with Cubase 7 in Music Production Show in London on Friday and I can also confirm that the upgrade is worth every single penny. You cannot imagine how many enhancements in workflow are introduced and many of them are not even mentioned in the videos but are features that a long time Cubase user will utterly appreciate :wink:

Argh… you just made the wait harder…

Do tell!

I guess I’m fortunate. As I had previously stated I really don’t use the program on any sort of “Pro” level. I use it for creating music for my own enjoyment. I don’t think I’ve ever created anything with more than 7 tracks and 2 or 3 plugins. So, improving workflow and things like that really doesn’t mean much to me. If I come across something I don’t understand I just open the manual and figure out the solution.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to start a fight. As I stated, it would just be nice to see Steinberg make an offer to it’s loyal users with something other than just the price of the regular upgrade path. I don’t think that’s asking too much(?)

Who knows, maybe I’ll bite and go for 7. Maybe not. Unless I can see that it’s going to make a huge difference in how I create my music I might just be sitting this one out.

I just don’t understand the persistence of the idea that Steinberg is extracting money from people. Also, that the value placed on the product (by those users) is so low that $100 per year is too much to pay to use the latest version.

As far as why he is smiling, it’s likely that it’s because he’s employed.

They’re charging 50 less from 6.5 to 7 than from 6 to 7. How is that unfair? Wasn’t 6 to 6.5 50?

Well, it’s impossible to list them all. But just a few are:

Create sends for any specific tracks and automatically route them with a single click.
Create Groups for any tracks with one click
The mixer channels can be resized (separately from the mixer) using the G and H keys just like in the project page!
There is a proper high pass filter in every channel.
Variaudio has a better algorithm
Variaudio automatic harmonies creator is fantastic

Just a few of the things. I will come up with more in 15 minutes I am sure. These just spur to mind.
Imo, it’s a very exciting update. All these features are indispensable for me.

Hmmmm…does Helge reap the benifits - in terms of a percentage - when SB “extracts” money from it’s users?

No - I really think he is smiling because he is doing the right thing and trying to represent the company that pays his salary in a positive light.

Well, I don’t mind for a paying update if it will make my life easier and improve my workflow. For me just being able to select my channels and instantly group them with no routing or rearranging is critical.

And let’s not forget how much ProTools upgrades cost. Cubase does not seem too bad in comparison does it? :wink:

How I heartily agree with the OP. The dirty rotten scoundrels. Always they rip us schoolkids’ pocket money off us without so much as a by-your-leave. It was hard enough to get dad to get me Cubase so I could show it off so my buddies would think I was cool and my spots would go tomorrow.
No wonder my kitty avatar is tapping it’s fingers waiting for revenge. :laughing:

Well free upgrades only if steinbergs employees are kind enough to eat only bread & butter and go with bicycle to work.
well my guess they wont.
has a company they have to make some money other wise u should program your own “cubase”.

Wow, what a subject :wink:

But to avoid further speculations: as you can see in the attachment, my avatar is a simple cutout from a picture my brother took from me and my father :smiley:

:laughing: l that’s funny! Yeah some of us struggling musos have to do a shitty medial job on the side to help pay the rent…
And thank you spotify for just making it harder



  1. What “Rant”? I just suggested that it would be nice if Steinberg gave us repeat customers a break on the upgrade price. I have the money. I would just like to see Steinberg say “Thank you” for being a loyal customer.

  2. I’m not a kid thinking everything should be free. I’m 60.

  3. I know what the full version of Cubase will do. Maybe it is a shame that I’m not pushing it to it’s limits. But it’s nice to know that it’s there and that I do know how to use it.

  4. I agree that the upgrade price is not out of line with what you get. Please go back and read #1.

My apologies to Helge. I was just trying to create interest in the threads title in order to convey the threads content.

Aloha E,

But you posted that here when you could have (and maybe you did)
just sent a message (e-mail etc)
directly to Steinberg with your suggestion.

If you post here, Steiny MAY read it.

But if you ‘get all up in their face’ with a more direct approach,
IMHO there is more of a chance that they
will read and possibly act on it.