Why high-resolution audio is an industry pipe-dream

Aloha guys,
Interesting article (and a pet peeve of mine)


Sad, but true.

Totally agree!

But… from a few years of personal observation, and please feel free to disagree lol… people’s listening habits have changed massively over the past ten years or so… when i was a teen pretty much all we had was music, now teens have myriad distractions instead of putting large chunks of their time into learning an instrument, joining a band etc… just ask any local music shop proprietor how their sales have reflected this over this period.

people seem to want a ‘soundtrack to their lives’ these days so seldom, if at all, just listen to music as people used to… put an album on… sit down, listen… nothing else… i know people younger than myself who have NEVER done this… it’s anathema to them :frowning:

‘HI-Fi’ sales are down too… people seem to prefer to go for ‘lifestyle’ products such as those god awful beats headphones or the massively over priced and ‘creatively’ advertised rubbish (rhymes with ‘hose’)… even a frugally priced entry system amp and speakers will show one of those ‘w*** system’ pieces of junk up for the over priced clock radio it is… the kind of thing an accountant buys to impress the neighbours :wink:
so most of the general public appear to have no idea what quality sound is anyway… show them eve a reasonable system though and they’re blown away by it…

just a few of my own thoughts on it… lol

Wow just a couple of nights ago I put on an old Tangerene Dream (Rubycon) album, turned down the lights, turned on the Lava Lamp and just sat in the studio and listened. I do that quite often. But you’re right, my son can’t do that without in a very short time hauling out the mobile and checking this and that, or start texting.

Sound molecules eh? Interesting :laughing:
Sound is perceived through pressure waves in the air :wink:

I like the idea of “Sound Molecules”

Been to some really shitty sounding gigs before but then I’ve also been to some amazing ones too.
Pink floyd at earls court springs to mind, of an example of the latter…

Excellent sounding concerts

European bands:
Pink Floyd
Davie Bowie
Moody Blues

American bands:
Miles Davis
Steely Dan (as the Ultimate Spinach)
Bonnie Raitt
Bela Fleck