Why I can hear folder click/ windows sounds while Cubase ?

Hi !
In my experience that on PC, ASIO can only used by one software, thus , if I open cubase and cubase is using my audio device, then I would not be able to hear any other soft’s sounds such as Windows sounds, click folder sounds.
But I can hear all the sounds of windows while cubase is running…

Is this normal?


That’s true, if your ASIO driver is not multi client ASIO, which can be used by more softwares at once.

ASIO is not the only one driver, which Windows uses. So it’s very likely, your Windows system is using different type of audio driver, like WDM, or so. Then, you can hear your sound from Cubase (ASIO), and also different sound.

In general, ASIO driver is useful, when you need low-latency driver.