Why I can't hear my insert in the recording in cubase 10?

i have a focusrite scarlet solo. in cubase 10 i can hear all effects of my vst while playing, but after i do a recording, in the recording there are no effects, the sound is the standard sound of the audio card with no effects.

Please take a moment to open your user manual.
You will quickly find this answer and so many other useful cues to make your experience more enjoyable.

What do you mean by this? Are these effects internal to the Virtual Instruments themselves, on the Channel’s Insert Slots, or perhaps from your Focusrite?

What are you recording, Audio or MIDI?

It’s difficult to make suggestions when the info provided is ambiguous.

i have a focusrite scarlet solo. when i enter in cubase i do add track>insert>and i select a vst. then i record. while I’m recording i hear the sound with all effects, but in the finished recording i can hear only the “standard sound” that exit from the scarlet.
Im recording an audio track.

In case you haven’t solved this yet, you probably listen direct monitor. Insert effects are working while playing. If you wanna listen while recording, you need to turn off direct monitor and turn on “Monitor” for the selected channel on your VST Mixer.
But as mentioned earlier, you need to take a look on your user manual first, cause everything you need is there.