why i cant upgrade free for my cubase 8.5 to 9 ?


I’m wondering

why i can not upgrade my cubase 8.5 to 9 for free ?

that i register my cubase in 20/oct/2016 17:44 from two months in the same year >>>>
so i hope u resolve my issue it`s not fair that i bought in same year and u ask me to pay for the upgrade

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It is not about when you register it, it is about when you activated it…

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Yes I active it in the same day f register … it’s not fair that I pay for the upgrade

If you feel it is unfair to pay for the additional or new features then don’t upgrade.
Nobody is making you upgrade.
Keep using the version 8.5.x and its featureset that you purchased.
If you decide you want access to the features available in the version 9, then you can pay for the upgrade.

It’s Not helpful what u say to me .
Anyway — thx for every thing …

What you mean is it´s not the answer you wanted. You sound like a child having a tantrum.

If studio kuwait gets his update for FREE then I want mine for FREE since Ive been a LOYAL customer since SX1 days.
See how that works? Grow up man, you are not entitled to ANYTHING and LIFE is NOT FAIR

Just a little chuckle… Reminds me of my son…


The Grace Period is done automatically and we have to set a deadline somewhere… if you activated your software a couple of days before, I am sorry but you had bad luck.

Please go to our website, it will tell you if you are eligible or not: https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/grace_period.html

Unfair would be if you where granted one and the rest of the customers don’t.

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I had the upgrade for free for C9 as i activated 8.5 on November and everything worked properly

The reason i write is that i feel bothered from some answers OP is getting from few people with irony.
Maybe the OP really has a problem, or really activated during this period.

He should contact support to resolve it.
Even if he made mistake he shouldn’t get answers like that, as his question is concerning the grace period that he is supposed to be eligible for free upgrade. He did not ask free upgrade because he imagined it.


i thought this too! so much haters and bored people

Very clear from the post that the OP activated on the 20th of Oct…The deadline is the 26th as clearly stated by Steinberg hence he is not eligible for free upgrade. Having a rant with “it´s not fair” is not going to change this fact.

Then somebody could inform him nicely about the date. I was thinking that was from 15th of October.
Everyone can make mistake.

Anyway most “hateful” answers were treating OP as he requested a free upgrade

If I read this wrong I apologise to studiokuwait.

But my take on reading the OP is that he knows he missed the deadline by 6 days and is angry about this fact.
The following comments sound like a tantrum when you don´t get your own way…Yes I had teenage children once.

Of course it´s easy for post on the internet to get miss-understood.
Anyway maybe I should not comment but it is a forum for all opinions.