Why I made the decision to buy Dorico

The other day I watched an hour and a half video (radio broadcast) by Daniel Spreadbury talking about the philosophy behind Dorico. I have to say I was very impressed not only with his knowledge but with his commitment to make Dorico the “Gold Standard”. One thing that struck me was Daniel’s explanations about composers and engraving applications. When I used to compose on manuscript paper, I would jot down a theme or melodic line and play with it. I wasn’t quite sure about the key or meter at the time, my purpose was experimentation. Only after I was satisfied as to what I truly wanted would I make the decision on the meter and key. This is how I used to compose on manuscript paper. In Finale I often wondered why it forced me for a title, meter and key. This is great if I’m transcribing a finished work but not if I’m composing. I would very often have to change the key or meter, this would make for many corrections on the score. Dorico allows you to experiment and only then add the key or meter. Daniel was absolutely correct in making Dorico not only an engraving application but also a composing application as well.

I used the trail version and was very impressed. I have issues, many issues, like having the ability to add the note first and everything pertaining to the note (like dotted note, accents etc… later) but my sense is that these issues will be resolved because Daneil and his team LISTEN, as I’ve experienced on the Dorico Forum. I’ve been using Steinberg’s Cubase for many many years and if Cubase is any indication as to what Dorico will eventualy evolve to, then Dorico will indeed become the gold standard. I will still keep using Finale since Dorico is missing many vital things that I need but when (not if) Dorico fills the void then the decision will be easy.

I will purchase Dorico now because I feel there is a true commitment by Daniel and the team.

Your logic is basically the same as mine – I bought Dorico to gain entry into this product, based on my confidence in Daniel’s concepts and his proven ability to lead a development team to make great progress with a software product. I, too, will continue to work primarily in my main notation program (Sibelius, although I also have Finale 14.5 installed and use it occasionally) for the products I need to get into people’s hands, while learning the ins and outs of Dorico and watching the developments as they are issued in the updates. So far I have not been disappointed. And I know of quite a few others who would do the same thing for the same reasons were it not for the Steinberg protection method – they refuse to purchase software that can’t be installed and usable on two machines without a dongle or without having to de-activate it on one machine while re-activating it on another machine using the software elicenser.

I am eagerly awaiting the release of 1.0.3 to see what big steps forward have been taken!

As a long time fan of the movie ‘Ghost’, as Sam says…‘ditto’